Official Website of Consolacion Village Homeowner's Association

Be active. Be proactive. Be interactive.


If you are a resident, tenant, or homeowner in Consolacion Village Subdivision and if you are concern for your peaceful and comfortable living, then please use this website and its pages as an avenue to improve OUR subdivision.

Communiques page contains various letters and replies from our association to outside concern parties.

Issues and resolutions highlights the needs for our safety and comfortability. Does the issue has not been resolved or has it been addressed already?

Photo Gallery shows photos of gathering, assemblies and the like.

Members, not necessarily parents or guardians but also second or third generation homeowners who are vital in linking information to each resident and tenants.

Financial page presents money matters and its proceeds to answer accountability and transparency.

Guestbook tackles certain issues at a time or any messages deemed for public consumption.

Directory is a password protected list of those who have submitted their public contact information.

Videos are graphic presentation of events, meetings and occurences.

Thanks very much and Consolacion Village Subdivision or CONSOVILLE, our subdivision, our future.


Newsletter July 10, 2014

2009-2010 Declogging Inflows

General Assembly Notice